Multivariate Analysis of Ecological Data

Standard course

23 January - 3 February 2018
České Budějovice, Czech Republic

This course is designed for researchers and students in all fields of biology and nature protection, with no or just a low knowledge of the Canoco software. Course participants are expected to bring with them the results of their own projects and the course schedule gives the opportunity to apply the methods mastered during the course to their own datasets, including consultations with both lecturers.

This is an intensive course and we will help to participants to prepare their input data in advance, so that they can start working quickly on the analyses of their data.

We will provide in-depth lectures and practicals on the following topics:

  • Classical ordination methods (PCA, DCA, PCO, NMDS)
  • Constrained ordination methods (CCA, RDA) including partial analyses, permutation tests of multivariate hypotheses, variation partitioning, principal response curves, and analyses using functional traits
  • Tuition on the interpretation of various ordination diagrams and on the efficient use of Canoco 5 software
  • Introduction to integrating functional trait data into your analyses
  • All practicals and individual work on mini-projects will be done with the new Canoco 5 software